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Fully Integrated Solutions

The InsuranceEnterprise is a complete, end-to-end software platform for all aspects of property & casualty insurance processing. CodeObjects is designed for business users and enables flexibility, configurability and efficiency for better, more profitable business from quote through renewal. With CodeObjects, carriers can launch products quickly and easily, with minimal IT or programming resources. CodeObjects solutions are cloud-based, and require no up-front investment in software or hardware.

The suite is comprised of four integrated solutions and is fully integrated with important third-party services.


Flexible policy lifecycle management from quote through renewal.

Reduce underwriting costs and risk with straight-through application and endorsement processing. Built-in integrations make responding to market shifts and regulatory changes a snap. Business users configure products or launch new ones quickly without relying on IT. Customer Service will meet consumer expectations with complete policy information at their fingertips.

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A powerful rating engine for effective underwriting and the most precise pricing.

Your business users can implement rating algorithms, add new rating variables, and validate rates using our integrated testing framework, to respond to market changes and competitive factors efficiently and confidently. 

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A configurable billing system for accurate, automated service.

With complete control of bill plans, billing options, and rules, carriers can effectively cater to customer preferences. Integrated bill and payment processing eliminates duplicate data entry and drives down costs. Leverage equity-based billing to reduce unpaid coverage.

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Efficient, automated and informed claims management.

Streamline and improve the claims process with our detailed skills-based routing capabilities. Analytics reveal potential coverage changes and fraudulent claim issues. Gain the investigative and processing advantages required for reduced risk.

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Beyond the Core

Integrated products and services that go beyond the core.

Your business depends on services and third-party products to operate effectively. We offer integrated services and solutions, many at no fee, that extend the functionality beyond the core. CodeObjects offers integrated document generation, agency distribution, reinsurance, business intelligence, rule-based administration, and a host of other interfaces with third-party services.

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