Beyond The Core

Integrated products and services.

Beyond the Core

Your business depends on services and third-party products to operate. We offer integrated services and solutions, many at no fee, that extend the functionality of CodeObjects beyond the core. These services help you build a better end-to-end process, and ensure that your policies accurate and that your business is efficient.

Document Generation

Powerful document generation and management for more efficient workflows with fewer errors. Simplify the creation of document templates, the flow of documents through the system, and even the implementation of business rules.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our pre-built property and casualty data warehouse gives you a 360 degree of your business performance. Ensure better business performance with insights gained through rich analytics.

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Pre-Built Integrations

Essential, configurable integrations with leading third-party information providers and services helps you get to market faster. Services such as ECM, payment, accounting, security authentication, address services and third-party data services can be added, changed and maintained with a few clicks by a business person.

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From the definition of a reinsurance contract to the calculation of the reinsurance GL entries, our reinsurance solution supports every set of the reinsurance process.


Fully integrated third-party accounting solutions make it easy to sync data with existing systems. Say goodbye to time-consuming data entry and errors.

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Payment Processing

Flexible, secure payment processing system integration allows makes it easy to manage incoming and outgoing payments. Various payment types including credit cards, transfers, cash and agency sweeps are available. Flexible payment collection options include one-time, recurring, lockbox payments and invoicing. Payment processing options make payment and processing errors simple to manage.

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Third-Party Data Sources

Our pre-built APIs to third-party data providers help underwriting and claims professionals produce and manage better policies and reduce risk. Multiple data types and third-party sources are supported, and easily implemented with little reliance on IT.

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Role-based administration

Assign various levels of access and control to different levels or types of users. Business rules make it easy to change and evolve assigned roles as company organizations change.

" We anticipate launching new states and products faster and at a lower cost as we move forward. Moreover, we anticipate significant savings on the updating and maintenance of the ongoing states once they are in production. Most importantly, we expect the CodeObjects platform to improve our agent and policyholder experience"

Andy Swenson, Chief Information
United Insurance

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