Agile rating engine for precision pricing

Better Pricing Decisions

RatingEnterprise helps you make better pricing decisions. Our robust modeling engine provides the flexibility to integrate industry data with your risk factors to produce the most optimal price for each policy. Our intuitive graphical user interface lets business users add new rating variables, change rate factors and algorithms, and stay current with best practices, trends and regulations. The rating engine can consider thousands of factors, across multiple variables, in seconds to produce prices that will win business without increasing risk.

Minimize loss

Reduce risk and minimize your loss ratio.

Understand trends

Leverage big data to understand trends and optimize pricing at an individual policy level.

Respond quickly

Respond to market changes quickly and efficiently through simple configuration.

Change variables quickly

Add new rating variables quickly without incurring programming costs.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance with rates and rules that are consistent with regulations.


Implement rate and rules changes without the help of IT. Rely on business intelligence and the most accurate, current data and regulations available to set prices and variables.


Rest assured you are offering the most competitive rates available for your client. Stop worrying about underwriting hang ups or delays in new policy creation.


Use the rate simulation tool to test your product decisions and quickly respond to regulatory changes and market trends.


Gain access to the best pricing available for your insurance needs.

" The process of implementing a product change is extremely efficient.  At SFI we are transforming our business.  With CodeObjects we have a system that is able to accommodate this rapid change."

Werner Kruck, Chief Operating Officer
Security First Insurance

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