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Your unique data, our unique approach, two weeks to prove ROI.

See InsuranceEnterprise In Action

The InsuranceEnterprise is the industry’s most complete, ready-to-use, fully configurable insurance process management solution. It’s designed for you, the carrier. CodeObjects lets you manage and grow your business without the headaches of expensive, complex software that requires IT or consulting support. CodeObjects puts the power of your business in your hands.

Our customers enjoy sophisticated capabilities that, until now, have typically only been available for the largest insurance carriers in the industry. These capabilities speak for themselves. They’re intuitive, easy to use, and completely configurable by business people. We are confident that you’ll see the benefits of CodeObjects once you see it in action.

Use a copy of your actual data.

Documented business processes can be experienced in our lab.

Our systems are completely secure, and your data is 100% protected.

Does not interrupt your current system or operations.

Complete, on-site training for you and your staff.


How does CodeObjects InsuranceEnterprise test drive differ from a proof of concept?

The test drive program is designed to give you access to a fully-functional system so you can gain hands-on experience and knowledge of how your products and processes can be implemented within the Insurance Enterprise suite.

Do I have to provide access to my IT resources?

No. CodeObjects is completely cloud based, configurable by business people, and does not require any IT support during the test drive, or in implementation.

Is my data secure? Do I have to use my own data, or can you use test data?

We can use a copy of your data, or we can show you how the system works with generic data that we have for demonstration purposes.

How does training work?

We will send our professional services team to your office for a full day of training, then we’ll support your team through the entire test drive period.

How long does the test drive work?

The test drive is designed to show you all the capabilities of CodeObjects within a two week period. However, this time can be extended if necessary.

What parts of my organization will participate in the test drive?

Our goal is to educate your organization on how our modules work. We believe it’s best if experts from your different organizations participate. To see how CodeObjects works, we will work with your staff who are involved in with policy writing, underwriting, rating, billing and customer or agent services.

Do I need to test all the modules, or can I only test a select few?

We encourage you to test two modules as this will best illustrate the integration capabilities of CodeObjects. We can test drive the entire system.

Are there contracts involved?

We are providing you with a fully-functional system, and we ask that you execute an NDA and a document outlining the terms and conditions of the test drive.